Muse – Chocolate Concept

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Branding and Image creation for Muse - Chocolate Concept. A luxurious and innovative chocolate concept store. " We turn to chocolate when in love, when stressed, when happy, when sad and when we need inspiration. Chocolate is therefore a muse.” The branding's aim was to create a distinctive image from the market by finding that thin line between elegance and sweetness. Hope you enjoy it!
Concept, Art Direction & Illustration: Mô Kalache
Food Photography: Tarek Korkomaz
Interior Design: Vick Vanlian
Chocolate packaging with Copper pattern
Muse Branding Packaging Design
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The work was done by merging photography & illustration. And by the help of collaborating creatively with the team.
Art Direction & Illustration: Mô Kalache
Photography: Vincent Urbani
Make Up: Adiran Rux 

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Branding Concept & Art Direction for luxury brand: Muse - Chocolate Concept

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