Hola! I am Mo Kalache a brand identity designer from Beirut, & my studio is located in Barcelona. After establishing your brand strategy, I work with a combination of creative skills including design & illustration to help brands :

  • Visualize their vision
  • Define their branding strategy
  • Brand their logo and identity
  • Design their collaterals, packaging, labels, menus, prints, and products
  • Get creative with their content images for social media
  • Create graphics and patterns to elevate their products
  • Design their window display or stand.

2. I am linking my entrepreneurial background ( Co-Founder at fintipay.com ) using crypto technology with digital art.

3. I am an NFT artist and building the NFT community, launching collections that hope to inspire. My ultimate goal is to create multisensory art capable of healing others through universal digital experiences. I envision each artwork manifesting a Healing Virtual Space, a fundamental truth floating, forming, and manifesting on its own. @mokalache

Branding Process:

  1. By going through an online strategy workshop with the client we define together your
    vision and the footsteps that will bring your brand forward.
  2. Create a unique identity design that will resonate for years to come
  3. Help purposeful brands grow and then comes the best part is seeing clients successfully using their branding.

When it comes to delivering your public presence, attracting users, and building your business, you want a strong start. A brand is more than a color palette and a slogan. It’s the psychological force behind your business. I will help you define your company’s unique voice, persona, and place in the world. So you have a guide for clear & consistent communication, and potential customers have an emotional reference point for your company.
Which is good. Because customers aren’t loyal to companies.

They’re loyal to brands with a purpose.