Fragile Minds

NFT skull
Skull Dots NFT
skull lotus NFT
NFT skull with flower
NFT skull with butterfly
Simple skull art NFT
Skull nft blue
Skull nft bloom

Project Description

A selection of 1/1 NFTs that are designed with handcrafted illustrations, music, and slow-mode animations.

Our minds are fragile, and we should take care of our thoughts. This series explores the different thoughts and emotions we go through and offers a calmer perspective to embrace them. By stepping out of ourselves we can watch our emotions with detachment, they can be two fighter fish in argument or a peaceful terrarium garden, whatever it is this collection invites you to tune in and embrace yourself. You are loved.

Each piece has calming sounds from nature and illustrated scenes from childhood memories with an intention to provide a sense of serenity to you.
Intentionally created to draw the viewer in, peacefully contrasting the usual fast-paced digital environments we are used to.

With love.
Mo Kalache

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