I love converting my designs into 3d window displays... here is a series of passed work from 2017 till now. 
SUMMER WINDOW DISPLAY, using collage designs.
another MIDSUMMER WINDOW DISPLAY, using collage designs.
GRAPHIC CHIC WINDOW DISPLAY, using collage items and free hand work

Christmas WINDOW DISPLAY, based on my illustration on different levels
POLLOCK WINDOW DISPLAY, using mannequin hands and splashes of gold
SPRING WINDOW DISPLAY, using floral and botanical illustrations.
another SPRING WINDOW DISPLAY, rotating butterflies fixed on a pole

JUNGLE DESIGN , work for a stand design.
RAMADAN WINDOW DISPLAY, using a juxtaposition of glass lanterns I made

VALENTINE WINDOW DISPLAY, using a huge 3D polygon heart
HAJJ WINDOW DISPLAY, using set designs of mosques and palms leaves.
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Project Description

here is a collection of WINDOW DISPLAY designs I have done till now, using skills of collage design, illustration, set design.

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