Are you a victim of Blanding?

In a modern liquid society, we seek happiness and personal reaffirmation belonging to a group and following their behavior patterns, and that differentiation within that group has the risk of being penalized with indifference and even social expulsion. If these changes and contributions are not accepted and assimilated by the other members of the group. It seems that you are weird if you do not travel to the same vacation destinations, visit the same monuments, listen to the same music, watch the same Netflix series, and do the same nonsense that everyone does in a “New Challenge” proposed by someone in Instagram… We are infected with Blanding.

But what is Blanding? Bland literally means “lacking in character“, “lacking in personality”, in short, a term that defines the marketing strategy that seeks to integrate the brand into the environment, following the trends of the sector, leaving aside the differentiation with respect to other brands and losing personality.

In short, the more “trendy”, the more “bland” and the direct opposite of Branding!

So in short, let’s be original and stop copying the trends and what other brands are doing to appear cool, captivate Millenials. Create your own trend! Create amazing packagings and identities that you can be proud of for years to come.

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Mo Kalache

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