Baboon Healthy Restaurant Branding by Mokalache

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Baboon is a restaurant and a symbol of a lifestyle where freedom, health, and creativity are central. The perfect balance of health, fun, and taste. A new and better way of enjoying food, drinks, thinking about our mind and body, being conscious and aware of how we feed ourselves.
Baboon is a place for ” health addicts “! And is located in Marbella south of Spain.

The client approached me with a problem, their current brand did not reflect the fun aspect they wanted to translate, a place where they can host healthy brunches with a Dj playing music and a fun atmosphere. They felt that eating healthy is perceived as boring and the mission was to change that! And so for the branding, I wanted to show that eating healthy is part of a lifestyle that can be fun as opposed to the boring common landscape of recycled paper and floral patterns we usually see in the Blanding landscape.  I created a series of collages that evoke summer vibes and a good time. A quirky and fun take on what healthy means, is part of our lifestyle and we should make fun! A mix of what the Marbella crowd is, trendy, fashionable and rocking a head of a parrot or banana.

Paper Bag identity
Paper Bag identity
menu design
menu design

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