Top 10 Christmas Branding and Packaging Ideas for your Business

The holidays are almost here! Awesome food, grand celebrations, and quality time with close and dear ones during this Christmas. The holiday seasons are the most profitable times in a year! If done right, businesses can reform and transform the revenue as well as their clientele. 

This is why businesses should pay more attention to branding and packaging ideas during the holiday season. Offer the best possible value and experience to the customers possible. 

I have been creating holiday packaging for more than 10 years. While serving hundreds of clients, I put up my creative and innovative approach to every brand packaging idea. With my design skills, I lift up the spirits of Christmas. Have a look at some of the packaging services.

This Christmas, make your customers love you with awesome Christmas Branding & Packaging Ideas for your Business:

10 Christmas Branding and Packaging Ideas for Christmas

Revamping the branding and packaging for a brand while staying on a budget can be challenging, but here are some of the easy ways to redefine them.

Customized Tissue Paper

One of the great ways is to have fun and designer gift wrap for the holiday season. It is absolutely lightweight and can be used to wrap any product- no matter what shape or size. With a custom tissue lining inside the box, your products get premium and festive looks with less hassle and effort.

Custom Stickers

Stickers are really versatile elements when it comes to being used by brands and businesses. You can use them any way you want- to decorate the wrapped products or gifts, to seal the wrap or products, or you may just give it to your customers as a freebie. Stickers are one of the perfect ways to help create a focal point. Take the advantage of stickers to speak about the brands and relate to the customers.

Custom Tape

Many times, having a custom box or stickers is not what your business is suited for. So, you can go for the custom tape for wrapping the products. It is absolutely cost-effective, and you can suit them to your preference of business and themes.

Handwritten Notes

Do you love to have handwritten love from your loved ones? Similarly, your customers would love to have a Custom handwritten note wishing them this holiday season. A short message with a beautiful greeting can make customers feel more loved. It showcases how much importance you are giving to each order rather than just machine production of the products and wrapping. 

Gift Tags

Holidays are a time for buying gifts too! Since your customers love to have gifts for their loved ones, put a gift tag on the packaging. This makes the packaging look more classy and premium without playing around with the colors or other elements. With this simple gesture, you might have another customer.

Make Reusable Packaging

Want to keep on branding, even after the customer finished using your product? The best way is to include your products in packaging that can be reused by them. Depending upon your business products, channelize the festive mood via the little branding and packaging elements you use.

Create Holiday Combo Boxes

Businesses into products have certain products fit for winters or holidays. So, while planning your holiday sales plans, you can combine the products for holidays together. Create combo boxes particularly for the holiday season and generate more revenues. A customized holiday-themed box makes customers feel appreciated. If you want you can decide to make changes only to the outer packaging or to the product packaging too- the decision is on you!

Nontraditional Design as per Seasons

A brand is not successful if they are into generic packaging designs. As a brand, you need to exhibit your creative and innovative side. Putting a unique and awesome spin on the imagery used for packaging will freshen the brand elements. For instance, most brands go for solid red, green, or metallic colors when designing for the holiday season, you can take a step ahead and bring a new design to stand out. 

Less is More

When we say “less is more”, remember we are talking about being stylish, modish, and trendy but still minimalist. In order to achieve the best, sometimes brands overdo their usage of packaging elements. Too many elements crunched together would make the packaging cluttered and even confuse the customers. In an attempt to create brand recognition, you need to limit the elements you use and let customers know where to focus attention. Besides this, it can get expensive in terms of packaging.

Be Sustainable

As holidays are the most enjoyable days of the year, it has their dark side. A business needs to think about the wastes it is producing in terms of wrapping and packaging. It is responsible for not passing on your waste to your customers.

In fact, use packaging and branding elements that are sustainable and recyclable. Try using more recyclable items like cardboard boxes that fit the product right (instead of big ones), and cut off plastic usage.

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